Tuesday, May 26, 2009

where the wild things are...

Tonight the cafe@artspace hosted the Louisiana Restaurant Association. About 50 local restauranteurs and business owners were treated to a WILD night. Executive Chef Sydney Bell created a delightful menu that featured Caribou sirloin on a bed of wilted kale and drizzled with wild mushrooms. Sous Chef Eric Davis revived a classic with his take on a baked Alaska with homemade chocolate covered espresso bean sheep's milk ice cream. Now that was a mouthful that was a delicious mouthful. Tossing and turning wondering what to create for lunch tomorrow. I 've got it! you will have to come and see for yourself.
- michael

Saturday, May 23, 2009

dry downtown

in a strange turn of events, we had to close on friday and turnaway a bunch of business. the downtown area was without water. when you make everything from scratch every day, it really drives home how much water we need. better days next week. see you tuesday!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

young proffessional to mob artspace tonight!

Tonight young proffessionals descend on artspace to sip mojitos, eat a little cuban fare, and bask in the glow of cuban art. I am told they will then be joining the hoopla that is unwinddowntown.
Thursdays will never be the same in downtown shreveport. We hope.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Black Angus Reuben is a hit!

Today the cafe@artspace was wild. Thank you downtown Shreveport. I am confident we fed you well. Our black angus reuben was a big hit and we sold all of the key lime pie. Miss Laverne from Boca Raton was right! Come see what you have been missing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Who says there is nothing to do in Shreveport? artspace (located in the west edge of Texas street in beautiful and cultural downtown shreveport) will be hosting unwinddowntown. Unwinddowntown pub and culture crawl is the third thurday of the month from 5pm-9pm. It is your ticket to great food, entertainment, and fun in the downtown area. Sign in @artspace, jump on the trolley, and see where the fun takes you. The fun begins @artspace. Where you take it from there is all you. Remember to support the arts in your community.I will see you Thursday. Better yet, come to lunch at the cafe@artspace and we will make plans together.


This week at the cafe@artspace

You have loved our Turkey Pastrami Reuben, try our traditional take on this great classic. Black Angus Pastrami Reuben with your choice of fresh fruit( a downtown favorite), homemade potato salad ( the tourist bureau's #1 pick), or potato chips. $5.00
Take a mini vacation with a slice of our Key Lime Pie! A little old lady from Boca Raton swore it was better than any she had back home. I believe her.
What better way to celebrate a sunny day than with homemade sorbet. I love the pineapple, the strawberry, and the blueberry. My favorite is the blueberry. Dont tell the others. The pineapple is sentive!

If that isn't enough to entice, come and see the exhibit. The Art of Cuba shouldn't be missed.