Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We're serving it up!

The quesadilla's are a huge hit here so if you haven't stopped by to try one you might want to before we sell out! Steak was such a big success that we are doing chicken as well. To add to the weekly special we are also doing our salmon bagels again. These however will be served with cream cheese, chives, lettuce and smoked salmon all on a toasty bagel.

The weather is so awesome outside also, so don't be stuck inside! It's a great chance to go for a short stroll and have a cup of coffee with a friend and enjoy carrot, Italian cream cake, or caramel apple bread pudding served with succulent cranberries.

We are also starting a 'Support your local cafe' campaign! Every month (maybe more often than that even!)we will be offering free desserts or other things of the such. Who isn't interested in free food!? I will be checking in with Sydney to find out what the special word of the week is and if ya'll come in and tell your waitress when you order, you'll get a free dessert! But it will change every so often so you have to keep checking back!

So let's start this off this week! This week's word is ZOMBIE. Don't forget it! Let's get the ball rolling in supporting the local things we have here! When the farmer's market kicks back up we will be buying as much local things as we can to support the cause. Thanks for keeping posted!

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's almost Artscare!

Man time has flown by! Artscare is this Friday! If you haven't bought tickets yet, it's still not to late! We want everyone there! Things kick off at 7:30 and you need to go online to get tickets at shrevearts.org or you can call 318-673-6500 ;

Artscare isn't the only thing going on though, we have some great things offered this week in the cafe. This week's specials include a decedent caramel apple cheesecake and fajita steak quesadilla!

Sorry the blog is so short right now, but there is so much going on! But ya'll should defiantly stop by!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's October

It's finally fall everyone and what better way to enjoy it than with good company in a great space! We have so much going on right now here at Artspace and the Cafe too! Tonight at the cafe we are having our Someones In The Kitchen showcase where Chef J.B. Embory will be dazzling about forty people with fine dinning! If you aren't attending you should defiantly put your spot in for next month!

Don't miss this week's special! This week Sydney is cooking up some wonderful crab Alfredo. It's a delicious blend of jumbo lump crab and linguine noodles covered in our homemade Alfredo sauce! Also for a little twist we are serving up salmon bagel sandwiches. These sandwiches feature a toasted bagel with smoked salmon and dressed with a homemade creme fraiche, lettuce and tomato.

Don't miss Thursday either! You are all invited to join us for unwind downtown and the TNT express! We are going to be keeping the cafe open so everyone can come get a bite to eat before or after their activities. And don't forget about Artscare! This is our annual fun-raiser and we have a night of frightfully good music, food, entertainment and more in store! It isn't too late to buy your tickets if you haven't. Just visit us online at shrevearts.org or just call us at 318-673-6535/318-673-6500.

Keep checking in for our weekly specials and updates!