Saturday, June 5, 2010

This week at the cafe@artspace

The return of the Farmer's Market(s) always inspires me to create new dishes. I love the creative process. I would venture to say 90% of what Chef Sydney, Chef Eric, and I create turns out precisely how we envisioned. I just love the 10% surprise.

you should eat this:

try a side of:
grilled summer vegetable, three cheese (pepper jack, fresh parmesan, and montasio (fresh from the farmer's market) mac and cheese. will be out by tuesday! hurry! :)

Jamaican hummus and black beans with fresh spinach and fresh cut local tomatoes in a jalapeno cheddar wrap. Try this with a fresh fruit cup sans the whip cream add the Aiden's granola. perfect for the vegetarian or vegan in all of us.

Farmer's market Jalapeno chicken sausage poboy with romaine lettuce, local tomatoes,purple onion, creole mustard, and dill pickle. Served with a side of roasted potato avocado creole salad (vegetarian!)

My favorite part:

White chocolate macadamia nut creme brullee
Bourbon Pecan pie

and working on a pineapple sorbet. ask us if we succeeded!

quench your thirst with one of these:
Pineapple iced tea cooler
Fresh Homemade lemonade (no fooling)
Raspberry Iced tea

Now as you know, I like it FRESH and love it LOCAL. Join us early in the week to try the great specials. When They run out they are gone.

Never fear though, I am always cooking up something new, fresh, and creative just in case.

See you soon,


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